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​​ Our History and Values

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    Thomas & Rosie both started working in their respective families' businesses early. Rosie started working with her mother and grandfather in their photography business at the age of 10. She took two years off from attending college to work as a missionary, then returned, earning a degree in Nutritional Science.

​      Thomas' great grandfather came to this country as an immigrant from Russia in 1890, and in 1910, opened a hardware store in Superior Wisconsin. Thomas started working for his great grandfather Morris, and Sam, his grandfather at the age of 15. This is where he learned how to interact with people and the responsibility a business has to the public, both to provide a service and to promote 'goodwill' in the community in which it serves.

       Before opening his own store in 2007, Thomas managed a furniture store and two mattress stores in Goleta and San Luis Obispo.  Rosie managed two restaurants in Arizona, and, after moving to San Luis Obispo, opened and operates a real estate maintenance company.                                                   

 Thomas and Rosie have a basic set of values and ways of doing business:

1)     Be honest and detailed as to what your product is made of, and how it is manufatured.

2)     Give a reasonable estimated time of delivery date

3)      If you are asked a question, and don't know the answer, Don't Make Something Up!!   Find out the answer, and get back to the customer.                                                                     

4)       Give exceptional customer service. Most people get good service when they order a product, but after the sale, this is less common.        Take care of the customer AT ALL TIMES!   

We sell King Size wall Beds!

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